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About Our Excellent Pool Replumbing Service

Deciding when to replace your swimming pool’s plumbing system is challenging to ascertain. Rely on a dependable re-plumbing expert to offer honest advice on this process, and you will be guaranteed to extend the life of your amenity. JC Pools Remodeling is a professional company offering an array of services for swimming pool owners and maintenance contractors in Hicksville, NY and the surroundings.

Our expert pool replumbing contractors will come to you to conduct leak detection tests and determine the severity of the problem. They will then recommend the most cost-efficient method to resolve the identified issues. In the past years, the industry has had many innovations and advances considering technology and product. Our technicians will recommend that you modernize the system to extend the use of your swimming pool.

Like most businesses, the swimming pool one continues to build better equipment and innovate. Let our skilled professionals help you maximize the efficiency of your pools. Contact us to speak with a leader in custom design and installations in all of Hicksville, NY and the surroundings. We have a rich history and a solid reputation for being a dependable partner.

Over the years, we kept our name clean by ensuring quality results and superior customer service. Whether you need a complete pool replumbing service or just repairs, trust JC Pools Remodeling with the job and rest easy knowing that the outcome will be satisfactory. We work with modern tools and the best technology to determine the condition of your pools and offer the most reasonable solution. We buy replacement parts and pipes from renowned manufacturers and trustworthy suppliers.

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