Keeping Up With Your Pool Can Be a Hassle

Keeping Up With Your Pool Can Be a Hassle

Arrange for professional pool maintenance in Westbury or Garden City, NY

Owning a pool has a lot of benefits, but keeping up with pool maintenance is time-consuming. JC Pools Remodeling Inc offers pool cleaning service that includes:

  • Regular cleanings
  • Chemical checks
  • Filter cleanings
  • Maintaining pool covers

Our team in Westbury and Garden City, NY will keep your pool in working order so you can enjoy it any time you want. We can also vacuum your pool and check your pool lights. If you're ready to hand over the hard work to a dedicated and knowledgeable team, call 631-352-7802 now.

Let us pick up the slack while you relax

You deserve to relax by a clean and damage-free pool. JC Pools Remodeling will seal any concrete cracks surrounding your pool so you can walk around barefoot safely. We'll also make sure your pool covers are working like they should.

Our team will take care of all your pool maintenance needs year-round. If you're ready to enjoy your pool again, contact JC Pools Remodeling in Westbury and Garden City, NY to schedule pool cleaning service today.